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Message to be displayed after initial sync

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Hi Experts,

Iam working on Work Manager 6.2 and I need to have a message pop soon after the initial sync is over. I have configured a message step in the "Main" Action, but the pop up does not appear at all after the sync. Can you please let me know the definition within which the message step needs to be configured.



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On the Module menu, there is an spot called "Action after login".  This will run once a user logs in to the client.  If you only want it to show the frist time they log in, Create a Main Object field, and after the popup is shown, run a transaction to fill in the field.  Also, have an enable rule on the action so it only runs when the field is blank.

Note, if the client is cleared, or a new version is download to the client, this field will get cleared and and the pop-up will show again.

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Thanks Stephen