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Message mapping strange behaviour

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Hi, all.

I have designed simple message mapping:

Source Message


-ObjectVersion [1..1]

--TimeStamp [string][1..1][lenght=13]

--UID [string][0..1]

-Name [string][0..1]

Target Message

Z_TEST (imported RFC function description)

-TIMESTAMP [string][0..1][length=13]

-NAME [string][0..1]

So mapping looks like that:

mt_Object/ObjectVersion/TimeStamp -> Z_TEST/TIMESTAMP

mt_Object/Name -> Z_TEST/NAME

When I test this mapping in Integration Repository (IR) manually (enter values in test XML instance) mapping works properly.

But when i load XML-instance from XML file after mapping target tag Z_TEST/TIMESTAMP is not produced however tag Z_TEST/NAME is produced properly.

Where am I incorrect?

Best regards.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check if your tag names are spelled correct.

Compare the xml source of the test xml with the source of the file xml. All tag names and the namespace have to be identical.


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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You might also want to check what "Context" Z_TEST/TIMESTAMP has been assigned to. The error could be because when the message is processed in the queue, it is not picking the right context object.



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Check wether namespace is identitical when you load the instance manually with XML instace which is loaded.

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Hi Maxim,

Pl check that the input XML that you give is correct.