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Merging rows and removing duplicates

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I have two sheets Sheet1 and Sheet 2. I want my output to be like sheet 3. I have a larger data to work with. Appreciate the help. I need this to be done on crystal. I connect it to my Excel.


item no       sales

a                   4

b                   5

c                   7

b                   9

d                   5

sheet 2

item no         purchases

a                       3

b                        5

d                        6

e                        8

e                         1

sheet 3       

item no           sales         purchases

a                     4                  3

b                     14                 5

c                     7          

d                      5                  6

e                                          9

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Answers (2)

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Please try the below query in add command suggested by Abhilash, this would have good performance

select x.itemno, sum(x.sales), sum(x.purchase)

Select itemno, sales, 0 as purchase from table1

union all

Select itemno, 0 as sales, purchase from table2

group by x.itemno



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Hi Iti,

You need a Full Outer Join to be able see records like Sheet 3.

Since Full Outer Join is not available with all datasources the other alternative is to create a Command Object (via the Add Command option) and use a SQL query like this:

Select * from table 1 LEFT OUTER JOIN table2 on table1.field1 = table2.field2


Select * from table 1 RIGHT OUTER JOIN table2 on table1.field1 = table2.field2


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Thanks. I am new to crystal. Where do i need to go to add this query. I have my crystal open and connected to my excel.

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Go to the Database Expert > Under the Connection Name of your Excel sheet you should have an option called 'Add Command'. Select Add Command and create a query similar to what I suggested above.