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MDG M Search Material gives different results for different users

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Hi MDG Experts,

We have configured MDG_MATERIAL and MATERIAL Connectors and search material or Material F4 is working fine.

However when using different users we see different search results. When I logged in as functional account search results seems to be drastically reduced and user unable to find the material that was just created.

If I logged as myself I see complete search result and I can find the material just created. 

I tried looking for any security authorization like USMD_AUTHORITY at modellor level in ESH_COCKPIT with no luck and also I have no clue on this. I searched in this forum but do not find any post identical to this issue.

Could you please help.? why we see different results for different users although connectors are configured correctly.

Who can configure this security or basis? or developers.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Praveen,

Before indexing MDG_MATERIAL and MATERIAL Connectors , hope you have cleared the indexed content & selected the Real Time Indexing check box  from the selection criteria.

You can try this report

ESH_REFRESH_RUNTIME_BUFFER  to refresh the buffer.

Actually, TREX often take time to give search result because in the background your indexing is happening.Say for instance you have 500000 Materials & you just created one so the indexing is also depends upon the packet size that you set before indexing with the help of mentioned report.

ESH_SET_INDEXING_PACKAGESIZE to 1000 or based on the number of records .

For example,


• Logical System = MDGCLIENT1

• Object Type = MDG_MATERIAL

• Package Size Initial Indexing = 1000

• Package Size Delta Indexing = 1000

This might improve your huge amount of data indexed properly & give proper result.

After doing the above activities, schedule re-indexing the created connectors for Material & test.

Best Regards,


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Thanks Kaustubh,

This has been fixed by reschduling and re-indexing the connectors along with USMD_AUTHORITY shared connectors due to recently added users. Now all the users getting the same search results.

This is not a security authorization issue.

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Hi Praveen,

We are also facing the same issue. Can you please elaborate on USMD_AUTHORITY. I do not see any such connector or Authorization object.

Greatly appreciate your help.


Archana Balliwar

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Hello Archana,

Try to reindex the index that is not showing the correct list and then try again to search.

If is not working I think you must recreate the connectors.

Kind Regards,


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