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mbt build -t . error

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Hello everybody, Firstly there is my error log;

[2023-05-08 14:57:29]  INFO finished building the "nsmitigations" module<br>[2023-05-08 14:57:29]  INFO building the "cpapp-app-content" module...<br>[2023-05-08 14:57:29] ERROR could not process dependencies for the "cpapp-app-content" module: could not process requirements of the "cpapp-app-content" module that is based on the "nsrisks" module when getting the build results path: could not find the "C:\Users\fit\Desktop\captutorial\cpapp\app\risks\resources" path<br>make: *** [Makefile_20230508145616.mta:37: cpapp-app-content] Error 1<br>Error: could not build the MTA project: could not execute the "make -f Makefile_20230508145616.mta p=cf mtar= strict=true mode= t=\".\"" command: exit status 2

and there is my ymal file; Can you Help me please I can't found the problem in the internet. this is my first question

_schema-version: "3.1"ID: cpappversion: 1.0.0description: "A simple CAP project."parameters: enable-parallel-deployments: truebuild-parameters: before-all: - builder: custom commands: - npm install --production - npx -p @sap/cds-dk cds build --production - npx rimraf gen/db/src/gen/datamodules: - name: cpapp-srv type: nodejs path: gen/srv parameters: buildpack: nodejs_buildpack build-parameters: builder: npm-ci provides: - name: srv-api # required by consumers of CAP services (e.g. approuter) properties: srv-url: ${default-url} requires: - name: cpapp-db - name: cpapp-uaa
- name: cpapp-db-deployer type: hdb path: gen/db parameters: buildpack: nodejs_buildpack - name: cpapp-destinations type: requires: - name: cpapp-uaa parameters: service-key: name: cpapp-uaa-key - name: cpapp-html5-repo-host parameters: service-key: name: cpapp-html5-repo-host-key - name: srv-api - name: cpapp-destination parameters: content-target: true parameters: content: instance: destinations: - Authentication: OAuth2UserTokenExchange Name: cpapp-app-srv TokenServiceInstanceName: cpapp-uaa TokenServiceKeyName: cpapp-uaa-key URL: "~{srv-api/srv-url}" cpapp.service - Name: cpapp-html5-repo-host ServiceInstanceName: cpapp-html5-repo-host ServiceKeyName: cpapp-html5-repo-host-key cpapp.service - Authentication: OAuth2UserTokenExchange Name: cpapp-uaa ServiceInstanceName: cpapp-uaa ServiceKeyName: cpapp-uaa-key cpapp.service existing_destinations_policy: update build-parameters: no-source: true - name: nsrisks type: html5 path: app/risks build-parameters: build-result: resources builder: custom commands: - npm install - npm run build:cf supported-platforms: [] - name: nsmitigations type: html5 path: app/mitigations build-parameters: build-result: resources builder: custom commands: - npm install - npm run build:cf supported-platforms: [] - name: cpapp-app-content type: path: . requires: - name: cpapp-html5-repo-host parameters: content-target: true build-parameters: build-result: resources requires: - artifacts: - name: nsrisks target-path: dist/ - artifacts: - name: nsmitigations target-path: dist/
resources: - name: cpapp-db type: parameters: service: hana service-plan: hdi-shared - name: cpapp-uaa type: org.cloudfoundry.managed-service parameters: service: xsuaa service-plan: application path: ./xs-security.json config: # xsappname: cpapp-${org}-${space} xsappname: cpapp-${space} tenant-mode: dedicated role-collections: - name: "RiskManager-${space}" description: Manage Risks role-template-references: - $XSAPPNAME.RiskManager - name: "RiskViewer-${space}" description: View Risks role-template-references: - $XSAPPNAME.RiskViewer - name: cpapp-destination type: org.cloudfoundry.managed-service parameters: service: destination service-plan: lite config: HTML5Runtime_enabled: true - name: cpapp-html5-repo-host type: org.cloudfoundry.managed-service parameters: service: html5-apps-repo service-plan: app-host

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