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Master data Validation Rules

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I am trying to implement validation rules in my Planning Model. But I couldn't able to implement 100 % validation rules due to complex requirement and limitations in validation rules. I tried to create with members and attributes but not allowing me to create all rules which are required.

I have dimensions: Comp Code, Sales Org, Territory Office, Mat Line, Mat Group

I created one rule: Comp Code, Sales Org, Territory Office

Second rule: Comp Code, Mat Line, Mat Group

I want to create another rule between Sales Org, Mat Line, Mat Group but Rule is not allowed to create this combination due to the dimensions are already used above.

And I try to create using attributes between the rule - Sales Org, Mat Line, Mat Group. This option also not allowing me to create the rule and giving error - No cyclic reference cross validation rules are allowed.

The dimensions Territory Office, Mat Line, Mat Group are dependent on Comp Code and Sales Org combinations. And I couldn't create 100% validation rules due to limitation of dimension usage.

How to overcome this issue, any suggestions.




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