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Master data DSO

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Hi Experts,

My flow is Master data (ECC) --> DSO (BW)

I checked the delta process type is AIE.

How shall I handle if any record gets deleted from ECC Table ?

Adding & Editing a record is working fine ECC to BW.

I am planning to do delete entire content of DSO and do Full load from ECC to BW. Is there any other solution?

Please suggest.



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Hi saravanan.a,

1) Check deletion indicator/flag for ECC table ,which you are using and based on that apply logic or filer at BW side.

2)If no deletion indicator is there, do full load at info package and full load for dtp,but do not forget to delete PSA data and DSO content older thn 1 day to avoid duplication or double records.

Best regards,

Sagarkumar Darji