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mapping property -> dimension in advanced formula, SAC

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Please advise me on how to make an advanced formula to move sales planning data to the P&L model.

The Sales planning model is dimensioned by Projects. Each Project has properties: BusinessLine, CostCenter and RevenueAccount.

P&L Model is dimensioned by Account (RevenueAccount), BusinessLine and CostCenter.

I need to transfer Sales data -> P&L Model, with the mapping

RevenueAccount (property) -> Account (dimension),

BusinessLine (property) -> BusinessLine (dimension),

CostCenter (property) -> CostCenter (dimension).

I used this script to map account (property to dimension)


but I don't understand how to add the other two property-dimension mappings to the formula.

I prefer to keep Account, BusinessLine and CostCenter as properties of the Project because they are 1-1 related.

Many thanks,



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Answers (1)

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Other mappings could be easily added to the formula. The problem was that the advanced formula script editor gives incorrect suggestions, so I had to print the additional mapping manually