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Map webdispatcher http port to specific IP address

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I have a W2k3 system with 2 public ips and

It is connected to a hw load balancer.

This setup is for test puposses.

The load balancer balances over these 2 ips .10 and .20

I have installed 2 Webdispachters 7.0

I want 1 webdispatcher to listen to ip .10 and the other to listen to ip .20

I have created entries in the hosts file to that .10 resolves to web111 and .20 to web1112

I have added the entry icm/host_name_full to the instance profile

but, it doesnt work

is there another way?



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Answers (2)

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This is to simulate my productive setup in which I have 2 webservers.

I want to attach 1 webdispatcher to one ip address.



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Hi Sander,

what is it that you want to achieve? If you're using a respectable load balancer, then webdispatcher doesn't have to point to "fixed" ip adresses.