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making standard display report to generate spool request in background

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There is standard program RMCY9020 which is used to display sales . The problem with this report program is that when we select interval of 1 year it gives dump . But if we take data up to 8 months data is getting displayed without any dump (like the first pic below). Hence we decided to run it in background, which sounds good. But the issue is that the program is only to display. Running it in background job makes no sense as it is not creating spool request. I can see that the spool request is getting created when we select the print option once the report is generated in front end with less data of 1 month. So once the spool request is generated we can able to see the report in the background. How can I make the standard display report to create spool request without clicking on print in background ?



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It is an overflow error, so it will also dump in background with the exact same criteria. It's a standard bug or limitation. Please check SAP notes or contact SAP support.

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