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Looping Process call (loops determined by "array")?

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Dear experts,

we have an requirement to call a DB web service which takes a value "SalesOrg" as request parameter to select daily sales data for that specific SalesOrg.

The web service can just handle a single SalesOrg as input parameter. However the Integration Flow should able to call the web service sequentially for defined SalesOrgs. The desired SalesOrgs can change from day to day basis and therefore should be configurable.

Idea was to implement a "Looping Process Call" which calls the web service for each SalesOrg separately.

Problem is that there is no end condition which can be defined. Idea is that the looping process call loops over all defined SalesOrgs and stops when all SalesOrgs have been selected. Ideal case would be to define a content modifier step which then externalizes the possible SalesOrgs which then can be modified or selected as part of the integration flow configuration.

Any ideas how this could be accomplished?

Thank you!

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Answers (2)

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Hello Florian,

Instead of looping process you can use Aggregator and set the timeout after which aggregated message would be available for further processing.


Sriprasad Shivaram Bhat

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Hi Florian,

I think there is an another option , you can use Value mapping.

suppose you have 3 SO, store all SO in CSV format like SO1,SO2,SO3

Use script to read value map and create counter for each SO , or you can crate simple message for Each SO,

then use spliter and split on each message and call sub process and in sub process call you actual service.