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Longitude\Latitude dims not showing in Geo Map drop down

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We are using a hana calculation view as a datasource in a design studio application.   This datasource has longitude and latitude dimensions but when I use the Geo Map component, the drop down on the Advanced Properties page is empty:

What do I need to do to get the Geo Map component to recognize our lat\long dimensions?  I have tried both decimal and varchar datatypes for these dimensions.

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Hi Lori,

Follow post the link made ​​by David Bargh with some steps that may be helpful:


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Hi Lori,

1) Goto the datasource which you are using as a source for the map.

2) Right click the datasource and select "edit initial view".

3) Expand the dimension which has latitude and longitude as navigational attributes.

4) Expand attributes.

5) Right click on latitude then "Add".

6) Right click on longitude then "Add".

After these steps you will be able to see latitude and longitude on the right side of the "Edit initial view" window. Select "OK".

7) Goto "Additional properties" of the map and then select either "points" or "chart" type based layer as type "shapes" does not have an option of selecting latitude or longitude.

😎 After selecting the type of layer select the datasource having latitude and longitude from "Datasource" parameter.

9) Click on the dropdown icon present in "latitude" and "longitude" parameter and now you will be able to see latitude and longitude field there.

Please assign points if you find this helpful.


Arpit Arora

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To clarify, Lori, this is HANA as a datasource, and not the deployment platform?

If you are on Design Studio 1.6, could you go to SP01?  Some SAP Notes in 1.6 SP01 fix geomap issues

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That is correct, Tammy.  The datasource is from a HANA backend but we are deploying on the BI platform.  I will definitely go to SP01 and let you know what I see.


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Hi Tammy, Lori

We are experiencing the same issue at literally the same time.  I tried many, many options yesterday.

You have to bring latitude and longitude in as measures for the GeoMaps to pick them up.  If you mouse over the longitude/latitude drop down you will see the text "Latitude Measure Name".

I could not find a solution in HANA Studio.  As attributes the Long & Lat are not recognised and as measures they would aggregate (didn't try adding them to the key).

For now my GeoMap datasources will use the BW Query where Long & Lat are key figure attributes of the relevant country/region.

The rest of the application will use the analytic view as the datasource.


Edit:  You can set the Lat & Lon as measures in HANA Studio and as long as you just have one dimension in your datasource then the aggregation won't be an issue and you will be able to select the measures in the GeoMap:

ie       Columns      Measure1; Latitude_Measure; Longitude_Measure

          Rows          Country/Region