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logon-problem via internet

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Hi @ all,

we will work with a bsp-applikation from the internet. So the user must logon to our portal (is not a sap portal).

After the authentication the bsp-applikation is called and the sap-logon-window appears.

An now there is the problem: The portal saves the user-information in the authentication header. And then the sap-login will also save the user-information in the authentication header. But there is the information from the portal. And so the sap-login-screen appears and appears and appears ..... The bsp-application is not startet.

The portal and the sap-login overwrite the authentication header each other.

Is there any way that the sap work with an other http-session-object?

To work with a default user do not solve the problem, because the default user needs the authentication header.

So there is the same problem.

Thanks John

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Hi John, Did you resolve your problem? We are looking at getting started with a small bsp application and will also activate it via another portal (non sap). I'm only through page 106 of the SAP Web Ap Server book so I'm not much help here yet..I'm a baby just trying to chew on the small pieces yet. Definitely interested in your resolution though....

In the book they mention several logon alternatives --

you either have the default logon procedure, or use HTTP fields sap-language, sap-client, sap-user, sap-password to transfer to the server as logon data, OR the SSO Single-Sign-On (SSO) logon tickets or x.509 client certificates. Our goal is to have our external customer/vendor only signon once via the portal and the rest is behind the scenes -- The ICF servcies config would be where you can set the logon process probably have already played with this. They mention that with release 6.2 on an ICF service will be created automatically for each web ap.

Please let me know what you come up with. ...just reading in order to come up with the game plan for presentation to mgmt...