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Login using WAM External Web Acess Management

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I need to implement into an existing SAP EP 6.0 system an additional access method.

The regular one is uid/pw in the intranet.

On top of it, when a user logs on from home, he comes through an external system (juniper), that authenticates the user and passes on a header variable. This should be matched against the LDAP and an EP ticket should be issured.

While reading through the documentation

"SAP Enterprise Portal Security Guide (Ver 3.3 EP 6.0 SP2)

and the associated help:

<a href="">SAP Help</a>

they look a little bit contradictionary to me.

My assumption is: I add a new auth_scheme line like:

<authscheme name="header">


<loginModuleName><b>????? What goes here?</b></loginModuleName>









and put this BEFORE the auth_scheme for uid/pw?

Is this correct?

Or am I on the wrong track?

thanks hs

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Edit the authschemes.xml.bak file.

First identify the variable name in which the user id will be passed in the header.

then change the variable name in.

<scheme name="header"> tag..look for


chage the "remote-user" to applicable variable name depending upon the external system.

then make the default authentication as header.

find the tag..

<scheme-ref name="default">

change the tag..for accepting header variables from uidpwdlogon" to "header".like below


Thats it pretty as authschemes.xml and restart the server..

if you are using 6.20 J2EE you dont have much options..but in 6.40 you can also configure more in the logon module.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Holger,

Can you expand a little bit about your Juniper solution and did you implement it.

I need to find a solution for external access to the portal for any employee around the world.

Many thanks,


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In the past I have been able to configure sign-on with Netegrity by following the SP2 Security guide page 24 and 25.

- Pankaj

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Can you elaborate a little more on this answer?

Can you post the snippet from the <authscheme-refs> section?


Message was edited by: Holger Stumm

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I did this at an earlier client and don't have the file with me. I will ask the present portal admin over there to respond to this. Let us see what he says

- Pankaj