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Login Problems

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This is an interesting one.

Now we have an app ,in which most of the users can log in but only 2 or 3 cannot.

The probelm is we have used a redirect url in the "sicf".

in which there is a class

( interface : CL_BSP_LOGIN_HANDLER ) for the login page.

This class has a method "login_processing" in which the foll. statement was there

application->bsp_client = '310'.

Now after removing this statement the problem occurs .

This is user specific !

Does anyone know how to set this parameter bsp_client without the hardcoding fro a particular user ?

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Answers (2)

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Hi Joseph,

there are two parameters which are important for the SYSTEM BSP application. One is BspClient and the other is sap-client. If you want to set the client to a fixed value, both parameters should be either in the redirect URL or in the Login Handler ( and need the same value). If you don't want to set a fixed client, delete both and the user can enter the value for the client that he needs.

By the way, this line of coding is not shipped by SAP. You can check older versions of this method.



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I think Configuration Problem.

Please contact Basis .

That will Solve .