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Login Failed in J2EE log

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in my J2EE application server, I have those log:



IP Address: <ip address>

Authentication Stack:*XMII

Authentication Stack Properties:

policy_domain = /XMII

realm_name = Upload Protected Area

Login Module Flag Initialize Login Commit Abort Details

1. SUFFICIENT ok false false true

#1 trusteddn1 = CN=PRD,OU=I001111,OU=SAP Web AS,O=SAP Trust Community,C=DE

#2 trustediss1 = CN=PRD,OU=I001111,OU=SAP Web AS,O=SAP Trust Community,C=DE

#3 trustedsys1 = PRD,200

#4 = true

2. REQUISITE ok false false true

3. OPTIONAL ok false false true

4. REQUISITE ok true true true

5. OPTIONAL ok false false true

Central Checks exception while trying to invoke the method of a null object returned from

No logon policy was applied

However, login from the client works, but I have the above errors in the log.

How could I investigate on my error?

I would appreciate if someone could help me

Thanks a lot


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I solved following note:

2639905 - Issues in accessing the portal after VIM upgrade - SAP for Me

che non c'entra nulla con il MES/MII

I modified"Policy configuration":*manufacturing*XMII

setting 'ticket' as "Template" (before it had no value)

The error "LOGIN.FAILED" is missing.

Mario Bisonti

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