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Logic For Loading the Data

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Hi Freids

I have a ODS with the folowing fields.

Key Fields : Fiscal year variant,Material,Sold-to party

Market Sub-Subsegment,Fiscal year / period

Data Fields :Market Percentage

My Question is the bisness is asking me to do the following

Could we have the logic in BW to load data in the following way:

Starting a full load for 007.2005 will give back the latest Segmentation until 007.2005.

So we are getting a record from 001.2005 and handle it like a 007.2005.

How am i going to perform this .Can any one help me to understand this an how i should write a start routine or Update rules.



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Hello Sunder,

Not very clear on what you are trying to do. Are you saying that every period, data for all previous periods is also extracted and this should not overwrite previous extractions? So 001.2005 data extracted when data for 007.2005 is extracted should not overwrite the values for 001.2005 extracted in any of the earlier periods?

This can be achieved by adding another infoobject for fiscal year period to the key fields. Map the extraction period to one and the period to which the record relates to the other.

If this is not what you are looking for, then give the requirements in more detail.



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Hi Aneesh,

The process they require is.

1. We have a z table with the same entities that i mentioned earlier.

2. We are doing a generic extraction on the ztable.

3.I have built the ODS using the extract data source.

4.Now What they are expecting from me is

When we do a full load for the month of Aug 2005 we have look back at all the previous months information in R/3.

So now can you explain whats is the process that i need to follow.



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Look back and then do what with it?

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Hi Sundar,

If you want to refer to R3 data from BW, you have to make use of RFC enabled Function Module.

But, from design point of view, referring to R3 for the history data makes no sense to me, even you are going to refer to a custom table there. It is better to store the history in a ODS within BW only and refer it whenever required. By doing this, the custom Z table you are referring to in R3 will not grow bigger and hold only current data.