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Logging of Data in SAP NetWeaver BW Access

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Hi all,

we are trying to configure logging of data in BW. One of the steps is to activate logging for InfoObjects. The implementation guide says:

To specify which InfoObjects are to be logged, in Customizing for Logging of SAP NetWeaver BW Access, chooseActivate Logging for InfoObjects and make settings according to your requirements.

  • Enter the query name and the name of the InfoObject you want to log, and select the Log.Active checkbox.Note:
  • Leave the Query Name field empty if all queries that use the selected InfoObject shall be logged.
  • Leave both the Query Name field and the InfoObject field empty if all queries and all InfoObjects shall be logged.

So we specified the infoobjects to be logged and also the query. But it logs all infoobjects in query. Any idea about a note or how to configure it properly?

Best regards,

Martin Zluky

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