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Lock and Feel Design Overview????

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I have WAS 6.20 and like to use Design2002 f.e. for tableview. Now my problem:

Is their anywhere a weblog or overview where I can see what the diffrent CSS Classes

for tables and so on do. Because they differ from the "normal" layout

I don't really like to test all...

Thanx Matthias

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I am not sure that I understand exactly. The CSS classes that we ship for our HTMLB rendering libraries are not really designed to be used in a standalone way. The HTML coding is very much ties to the CSS classes, and the classes alone are not good for any other rendering.

Or did you make a typing mistake in the title? Do you want to customize the design for the complete library. There is a tool in Enterprise Portal 5 (for design2002) that allows you to quickly and easily customize these themes. If this is your requirement, please email me offline, and I will forward it to the correct department to contact you.


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Not really - I think it was my mistake. I have to explain it better.

When I use a normal HTML Table on screen and make row class f.e. "TbvHdrAlt" or something like this I become a nice blue/green background - so when I switch now on design 2002 all these

colors for Cell Background and so on changed - so my question was is their anywhere a sheet where I can see "TbvHdrStd" means blue backcolor and yellow border "TbvCellStd" means grey backcolor and grey border (just for example...) Or did I made something wrong.

But what you`ve writen about the conversion in EP 5 sounds very interesting to me I will contact you after my Xmas Holliday.

Thanks that while Matthias

  • Mery Christmas and a happy new year *