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Loading reuse libraries for custom UI's in the Workflow Inbox

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We have a Fiori Launchpad sites where reuse components are deployed as a common library and then used in the respective apps. This works fine through the library having a manifest like

    "": {
        "id": "my.namespace.reuse"

the consuming apps a dependency like

    "sap.ui5": {
        "dependencies": {
            "libs": {
                "sap.ui.core": {},
                "my.namespace.reuse": {}

and then consistent service names etc. when deployed to the managed approuter. The launchpad detects this, and registers the approprite module loading path so the consuming app can reach the library. So far so good.

But we also have the Cloud Foundry Workflow Service with a number of custom UI's. The workflow inbox is a standard UI component so I cannot inject dependencies to its manifest. We have put the dependency into the manifest.json of the custom UI app, but that does not help. It seems to me the following happens

  • The fiori launchpad loads, user clicks the "Inbox" tile
  • The inbox app loads, I cannot get dependencies in there, so no module paths are registered
  • The user selects a workflow item
  • The inbox app inspects the workflow task definition and determines which module paths it needs to register, then it loads the custom UI component. The logic applied in the fiori launchpad to locate deployed reuse libraries seems to not apply here
  • The custom UI app tries to load, but fails to locate the reuse library

Notably, the Custom UI app itself is possible to load (when the FLP loads it, it will inspect the dependencies and register the loading paths).

How can we resolve this? I would expect there is either a way to register module paths globally on the FLP site or there needs to be a way to inject this to the "Workflow Inbox".

Hope the question is clear and that somebody can clarify. Thanks in advance!!

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