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Load of ASE database taking longer time .

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Hi Everyone :

We tried to load one of the user database which size is 280 GB using the 150GB databases dump ( Ie. Load of 280 GB database with dump taken out from DB which is size 150GB  ).

Message : " All dumped pages have been loaded. ASE is now clearing pages above page 38400000, which were not present in the database just loaded. "

But above clean up of extra space took 7 hours and it didn't complete after 7 hours( only 70 % got completed )

Fyi - Backup server allocated memory for both source and destination server remains same . and during this operation there was no activity in server (Idle state ) .

( In the end , We cancelled the LOAD job and loaded the same database with 280 GB database dump. This operation in total ,took 30 mins ) and

There was no active transaction in the source database while we collected the dump ( ie 150 GB database dump ) .

1) We would like to understand ,

Why this cleanup taking so long ?

2) Is ther any way to make this cleanup faster

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Also of interest, the output from running the following in the source dataserver:


exec master..sp_helpdb <name_of_database_that_was_dumped>



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Hi ,

The answer to your basic questions :-

Why this cleanup taking so long ?

Because it depends on how many tables indexes & structures are there. Say you imported another databse to a dabase, which you mentioned doing so, but the thing you have to keep in mind that when the database is loaded, the tables breaks down to stuctures from which the database gets loaded & so it depends on how many tables, no of table with huge data which gets splitted & then Load as the target database.

Is ther any way to make this cleanup faster?

Of course, there is, for this I would suggest to be familiar with the SCN Term commonly known as Search Before Post. You should know that here in SCN post is not the only way where you can get answers. I believe there is something popularly known as Google-Search to other people.

Although I will give some hint as you posted,

ASE slow performance on backup | SCN

Cleanup a production environment &amp;ndash; Askia Help Centre(the Tool Use)

Nov 16th 2015 ASE KBAs - SAP ASE - SCN Wiki



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Hi Kaushik,

Thanks for your response .

Since i couldn't able to find the relevant discussion in SCN or in google i posted this

( I may be missed the one which you found and which matches with my issue)

Can you please share the same here . .

FYI :  I am not facing issue with backup (I am able to make my 710 GB database to dump in 20 mins and load into a database which is with same size in  30 mins )

2) I am facing the issue while loading the database which total default segment size is double the amount of source DB default segment ( i.e Loading a 280 GB sized database with dump taken from 150GB of database ( Load takes 7 hours )

I am looking for your response and help.