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LO fields not appearing in Extract structure

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Hi experts,

Some fields are not displaying in extract structre of 2LIS_11_VASCL.

Though field are avaiable in communication structure ( in LBWE when click on structure 'Maintence' ....its avaiable in left side.)

when i looking extract structe in rsa2. its not showing all fields which are avaiable in commnication structure. and when i replicating BI side...... there also its not avaiable

Pls help me........ how to reflect those communication structure fields (left side one in LBWE) into extract structure



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Answers (2)

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Hi,pavan kr !

I think first you should check whether the field is in the standard extraction structure pool or not. .....if it is in, you drag the field from the right part of the pool and drop it in the left side......then activate the structure(LBWE).......if not(which means the field is defined by yourself), you should enhance the extraction structure(RSA6).........Via CMOD using cutomer exit by coding to add the field which u want to.......after that, you can check the extraction structure if these fields are enhanced.

then you can replicate the corresponding structure in BW system.

hope it helps.

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Check the datasource to verify if this fields appears there...