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I am doing an application in Webdynpro for java where the requirement is :

I have a table with 5 rows and 7 columns now my requirement is to display the table with only 2 columns and 5 rows in the first view which i have done it. I have displayed the content in the 2 columns as Link to Action UI. Now when i click on any of the link in the two columns it should pick the values that i have clicked on and display all the columns of that particular row in the second view. (In the second view only one row will be displayed.)

I am unable to write the Implementation code for the On Action

Help me out to resolve this.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Why do you need a table in the second view, if only one row is displayed?

The easiest solution to this master-detail szenario is to use a table and a form and to bind the table cell editors and the form elements to the attributes of the data source node. When a link in the table is clicked, set the lead selection to this row and the form will automatically display the corresponding data.


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Hi Armin,

I am able to resolve the issue but in other way based on your solution.

Thanks for you reply


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