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Link Between OO Workflow and Dynpro

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Hello Gurus,

I have got a requirement where in user could be able to add approvers from custom dynpro application after workflow is triggered and is not yet completed.

1) I planned to do it by having the workflow ID and add a new entry to multiline element(IT_APPROVALS) which holds the approvers list on which workflow is looping to get the approvals.

In BOR way, if we use FM SWW_WI_CREATE_VIA_EVENT we get workflow ID as an importing parameter. But In my case it is custom OO workflow and I could not have the workflow ID while triggering via CL_SWF_EVT_EVENT=>RAISE.

How could I get the workflow id of the workflow instance triggered?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!



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If you will know the approvers already jat the point of event triggering, why don't you just pass the approvers as event parameter. Probably you knew this already, but in a case you didn't.