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line length limit for receiver vda file

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We have idoc to vda integration. The length of a vda file must be divisible by 128.

Also the each line must be 128 length or fewer in vda file.

We use idoc sender adapter and  file receiver adapter.

In file receiver adapter we use module configuration

localejbs/VdaConverterModule  (for xml to vda convert)

How can we configure module parameters for configuration of each line length?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Nurhan,

the VdaConverterModule always creates VDA files with a line length of 128.

See also these links:

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Usually the module parameter vda.indent true/false helps.

However in some projects EDI partners send messages with a VDA length of 126 - columns 127 and 128 are in these case CRLF. In this case I used two MessageTransformBeans in the module chain to create a valid VDA message.

In a case you need to send a "VDA message" with a line length less than 128, you might consider using file content conversion (via MessageTransformBean) on the VDA-XML message or experimenting with the vda.trimWhitespaces module parameter (available with b2b addon SP04).

Kind regards


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