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Lifetime of documents - Timebased publishing

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Hi All,

I want to activate the function „Lifetime of Documents“ in order to publish documents for
a particular time interval in the Enterprise Portal.  Unfortunately, this function is not available in
the details dialog box of a folder, so that settings cannot be made.

I have now read that the function is only available if the repository for the time-dependent
publishing service was activated.

How and where can I check if this service has already been registered?

Any support concerning this matter is highly appreciated.


Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Melanie,

To activate tbp service go to System Administration > System Configuration > KM > CM > Repository Managers > CM Repository Manager > open the RM for which you want to activate time dependent publishing for editing.

In the configuration select tbp for the Repository Services property and save the settings. Then restart the portal and you would have enabled time-dependent publishing. See attached image.

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