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LicenceServer does not free floating licence for hours

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Hello PD folks

Running PD 16.5 we are currently working with 3 People and 1 Floating licence.

When 1 user closes PD then it takes hours until another user can open PD.

The user who closed it  can open it again, so i think the problem is the licence-server not freeing the licence

Is there a tool/Workaround to free the licence immediatly ?

We have no direct access to the backend of PD (and when we open a ticket to the internal Helpdesk then it takes also a lot of time to solve this)

thanks for help


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Former Member
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Hi Dirk,

I found these following pages from SCN and SYSAM documentation:

SySAM Utilities

Hope it helps.


Chengjie Zhu

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Thank you for your answer.

The Problem in our case is, that PD is closed NORMAL and the licence should be freed immidiatly but is NOT, i consider this as a PD/SYSAM BUG which i can't report because i have no rights to open a case.