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Leasing accounting periodic posting journal for leasing clearing account

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Dear RE or leasing accounting Expert

We have received a user requirement regarding the removal of the system's automatic journal, the periodic posting for the installation payment journal (Debit Leasing Clearing *** Credit Leasing Supplier ***). The request is to manually create a journal entry with a Debit to Leasing Clearing and a Credit to Bank Payment Clearing. If this manual entry isn't feasible, they wish for the credit side of the journal to be posted to a GL account in place of the Supplier account.

Moreover, there's a possibility that approximately one year later, they might revert to utilizing the standard SYSTEM Automatic journal. They are hoping that transitioning back to the normal function won't entail significant effort in terms of changing all contracts back to their original settings.

Could you please confirm the feasibility of implementing this requirement and guide us on how to set up these changes within our system?

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Best regards,


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