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Learning Map html error

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Hi, im having this problem with Learning maps, and cant figure out what is the problem, I keep having the same error message:

"Logon Error Message"

" wurde abgebrochen, da der entsprechende Service nicht verfügbar ist."

" * Der Abbruch trat auf dem System SCI und mit dem Fehlercode 404 und dem Grund No Extension Found auf.

  • Der ausgewählte virtuelle Host war 0 . "

But I belive ive already done everything for correct functioning of learning maps.

All the following services are active:





/def ault_host/sap/public/bc




/defaul t_host/sap/public/bsp/sap/system


Ive also creates the External Alias:



The services also have the correct HTML user set in logon data. Im using the user "SOLARSERVICE" with the role SAP_SOL_LEARNING_MAP_DIS.

And also my FQDN is correct, becose all my other html aplication as: workcenters, issue mgmt, test sequence are working fine.

There is anything ive done wrong or missed?

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Answers (1)

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Hi Magus,

This may be worth a try - at work here we have a proxy server defined in our browser settings so can you check your settings and disable any proxy server for IE or Firefox etc?

This should bypass your error and connect to your SolMan as it seems you have correctly completed all other tasks.