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LastModifiedOn greater or equal operator

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Hi community.

I have a question related to an iflow that i recently developed.
This iflow have a query filter build in Groovy language.
The CPI use the condition in the filter to scan our SF environment and grab the information according to the filter.
The filter should get the changes in the LastModifiedOn field for empJobRelationships entity.
Recently we had a mass change on Dec 5th in that entity but the iflow didnt get any of those records in the scan, so i tried to run the integration mannually using the '>=' operator, so i wrote in the code:

employmentNav/empJobRelationshipNav/lastModifiedOn >= '12-05-2023T00:00:00

But it doesnt seem to work either,
Do you have any idea on how to improve or another way to get the information based on the LMO?

Thanks in advance

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