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Large File issue in AL11 in SAP PI 7.31

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Hi Experts,

We are working on SAP PI 7.31 SP18. Our scenario is file to file but since the actual file placed from source to shared folder in PI[AL11] is very big[say around 125 MB]

In step1, PI is creating another trigger file placed in same folder which is a dummy file which will be polled by NFS channel in step 2.

In step2, PI is polling trigger file and posting it to another middleware[receiver to PI] based on which that middleware will poll the actual file from shared folder[say 125 MB file].

But we are sometimes facing issue like even though trigger file is created and pushed to middleware[receiver to PI] , still the actual file is residing or sitting on PI shared folder.

Please guide us to resolve the issue.



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Answers (1)

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hi Ramu,

It may be due to connection issue from FTP, Check whether the FTP connection is always connected.