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Language: SAC -> SCP -> MSSQL -> ABAP CDS views



I'm running into issues with supporting different languages in SAC.

We are using the following setup in our landscape:

We are running our ECC landscape on an MSSQL database server on which CDS views are created. Using the smart data integration (Data Provisioning Agent) using the adapter (MssqlECCAdaptor) we setup a real time data connection from SCP to our MSSQL database.

From this remote data source we created virtual tables which we then use the created Hana Calulcation views in SCP. Those are in turn used in SAC for created models / stories again.

What are we trying to do.

We have setup ECC in multiple languages For that reason we have setup the CDS views when selection a language using the selection: $session.system_language

@AbapCatalog.sqlViewName: 'YCDSV_T005T'
@AbapCatalog.compiler.compareFilter: true
@AccessControl.authorizationCheck: #CHECK
@EndUserText.label: 'T005T'
define view YCDS_T005T as select from t005t
{ t005t.land1 as land, t005t.landx50 as descr }
where t005t.spras = $session.system_language

When we run this in the ECC / ABAP it works absolutely fine. When we trigger the same CDS view via virtual table in SCP it is giving no result. Also executing it directly from the MSSQL server management studio gives no result back.

Our assumption is that it is a "Problem" with $session.system_language but we have no idea how to solve this so it will pick up the correct login language.

I hope this is clear if not please let me know,

Thanks a lot in advance!

Regards Lukas

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