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JOIN error in CDS view. HANA name mismatch underscore?

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Hi All,

I have defined a very simple CDS view in Eclipse. It joins CDS view ZMYORDERLINES with external view ZMYDOCS:

The CDS activates just fine but when I open it in SE11 it says the View is not in the database:

After some investigation I found that you can force the view to be created using SE14.

OSS 2421686

When I use SE14 to try and create the view it short dumps with error saying the table column in the JOIN does not exist:

I have played around with different naming conventions but nothing works. The only thing that I can think of is that it expects the JOIN to use the HANA Name _mydocs.SalesDocument rather than _mydocs.sales_document. i.e. without the underscore!

But I cannot use the HANA name as this gives a syntax error in the JOIN statement. I tried with double quotes but it removes them

"_mydocs.SalesDocument" =_ord_line.OrderNumber

Has anyone come across anything like this before? It has baffled me.


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