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Job SM:REFRESH MESSAGE STATUS aborts with error

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Hello SAP Experts,

I have a problem at the moment that the job SM:REFRESH MESSAGE STATUS abort with the errror

CRM_ORDER 008 - No changes possible in document/transaction

When I debug the program the affected ticket is already closed, and the program wants to change it, which is not allowed. Instead reporting the error and continuing with the next entry, it aborts the entire job leaving tickets unprocessed that may need updating.

Has anyone had this problem and what solution can be applied?

When I update each ticket manually, the process work OK. The ticket is updated successfully. The problem only happens when I use the job (or even in dialog).

Thanks for any help!

Best regards,

Kent Kleinsteuber

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Hi Kent - a similar question was asked in this thread - - based on this I recommend checking the status profile

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Hello Tammy,

thanks for the information, but the problem is happening in the interface to SAP and is occurring on a ticket that is already closed in both systems. It should not be relevant to the job at all. Now the problem is not occurring at the moment, not quite sure why that is. Maybe the ticket that causes the problem is not being taken into account anymore, but I could arise again without warning, which is the case with on of my SolMans.

Hope that someone has another possibility of what is going on. SAP product support doesn't seem to have a clue.