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JMS receiver Acknowledgement - How to get rid of it ?

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We have severals JMS scenarios (sender + receiver).

On the (JMS) receiver side, we have the following warning (in the RWB, Communication Channel Monitoring):

- Could not publish acknowledgements for message: e4a36151-fc09-11dc-cd13-0016357374fe

The documentation said that if we want to get rid of "acknowledgement for a JMS receiver", we need to uncheck the : Send XI Delivery Acknowledgment Back (Adapter Is Endpoint) - if the JMS receiver is an application, the JMS adapter should send a delivery acknowledgment. Set the indicator


It does not work

Anyone know how to get rid of JMS acknowledgement?


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The Acknowledgement is requested by the sender side adapter.

If the scenario is IDOC to JMS Receiver then in SAP XI system execute the report "IDX_NOALE" in T.Code SE38 by providing the corresponding SAP system port and IDOC message type. Select "Do not request Acknowledgement" to configure sender IDOC adapter not to request acknowledgements.

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We have done what you are mentionning. We are still getting ack from the JMS receiver communication channels. According to SAP, it seem that this is a bug and will be resolve in the next release Service Pack ...