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JMS Channel Message to two EOIO queues

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Dear SAP Expert-

We have integration scenario where two messages flow to process in ECC with two separate EOIO queues but one single Proxy interface.

Sender Application WMI -> SAP PO 7.5-> SAP ECC

NOTE: it's for PO 7.5

Sender Application is connected to SAP PI 7.5 with one of JMS MQ channel.

We have same xml files xsd for two region US and CA coming from one sender application WMI through one JMS MQ channel . Once it receives in SAP PO 7.5, it needs to send to two different Queues in ECC, one for US and one for CA. We have two queues configured in ECC for both region US and CA and messages needs to process in ECC using one single proxy interface through SOAP adapter channel.

Question: How to split message in PO 7.5 so that it goes to respective queues ? In SAP PO 7.5 Channel Configuration, it has an option of 'Action' , but then do not have option to give two Queues pointing to SAP ECC.

We want to do achieve this two queue to have parallel processing of messaging for two different region.

Pre-requisite- We do not want manage two separate SOAP adapter to call two separate proxies, because it's overhead to manage two proxy interfaces in ECC for the same business requirement.



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Answers (1)

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Hi Pramod,

In NWDS you can use Recipeint List block and provide two receipients, you can also provide conditions if need when to send the message to which receiver. If you use Integration Builder then in Integrated Configuration add two receivers and the same you can add condition for each if necessary. In receiver side just use the same interface and channel for both.