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JDBC Lookup left join (Lookup on two tables in one query)

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Is it possible to use the JDBC Lookup in a mapping program to perform a left join query on 2 different tables?

I have imported the External Definition of my 2 tables and for now I have to perfom a JDBC Lookup on the first table and then pass the result to my second JDBC Lookup to get the final value. I would like to do that in one query only.



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yes it is possible...what is ur end to end scenario


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Then destination of my message is based on the information of my input message.

In my source message I have 2 fields (WAREHOUSE and DISTRIBUTION_CENTER)

Based on those two fields I perform a JDBC Lookup to get a REGION from a DB2 Database.

Then with that REGION I query another table to get a BusinessSystem. (Enhanced ReceiverDetermination)

I need to do something like:

select BS from tableBS left join tableREGION on tableBS.region = tableREGION.region where tableREGION.warehouse = value1 and tableREGION.distcenter = value2;

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If you want to do using Graphical JDBC Lookup, then it's not possible.( I mean the Join's). But you can split them like first JDBC Lookup get the Region and then pass the output of the first JDBC Lookup as the input to the second JDBC Lookup and get the business system or whichever you want.

But as far as my knowledge, it's not possible with single JDBC graphical lookup.