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JCO server registred in CRM

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Hi experts,

We´re calling a JCO server from our CRM 4.0 Instalation and followed the instructions found in some threads, our code looks like:


  • Start the server


public void startServers()


// Server 1 listens for incoming requests from system 1

// (Change gateway host, service, and program ID according to your needs)

Properties properties = new Properties();

properties.setProperty("jco.server.gwhost", "");

properties.setProperty("jco.server.gwserv", "sapgw00");

properties.setProperty("jco.server.progid", "JAVASERVER");

properties.setProperty("jco.server.unicode", "1" );

JCO.Server server = new JCO.Server( properties, repository );


// srv[0] = new Server("","sapgw00","JAVASERVER",repository);

for (int i = 0; i < srv.length; i++) {
try {
catch (Exception ex) {
System.out.println("Could not start server " + srv.getProgID() + ":

" + ex);




When we use the Server constructor we find to get the two system get connected but sumetimes with abnormal behavior, our RFC destination are set to unicode.

If we use the JCO.Server constructor to set our server to unicode, we are only able to get the system connected without receive any message.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jose,

in the line:

properties.setProperty("jco.server.unicode", "1" );

You explicitly set the property to use Unicode. In:

srv[0] = new Server("","sapgw00","JAVASERVER",repository);

You don't use this option. So I think this is the main reason.



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