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Java Script to move up a BSP Page

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Hi all,

I've a problem with a BSP page.

The BSP application is an Frame of an URL, where there's a page with height="4000".

So who manage the URL have decided to create for BSP pages an Frame height of 4000 pixel.

But after insert the information on SAP, I call a BSP page of confirmation with the height of 8 lines.

I've insert a href to select the top of frame.

But I need that it's been called by a script, so I can manage a possible table of error messages.

Is there a java script instruction to upload the page on the top of frame?

Thanks in advance.


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if it's a problem of setting focus,

you can add this script to the page and give

the table inputfields as attribute "id= 'focus_target'"

that way the focus of the page will be set on the last line

of the table you will display

<script language="Javascript">

function handleFocus()





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<i>Is there a java script instruction to upload the page on the top of frame?</i>

do you mean , load the page in the parent window of the frame in the whole page?

if yes.

<script> '<%= tree_url %>', target='_top');



do you mean that you want to place the content in the top frame.

if yes

<script> '<%= tree_url %>', target='<frame id>');




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Hi Raja,

I call the page from Event Hendler "On Input Process" and it's working correctly.

But the application is inside a Web Site, where I can't controll it. I can't controll the scroll bar of Web Site.

I've used this code

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function SearchRef() {

and call it from Body of page.

Thank you for help