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I am calling a stored procedure using receiver JDBC adapter.

I have one parameter (SIZE_C) in stored procedure which is of type NUMERIC.

The problem here is when the source filed of the SIZE_C is missing then the I am getting an error java.lang.NumberFormatException even though SIZE_C is not a mandorty field (occurrence 0..1).

Here I can not pass any default value to it. So any ideas on this?

Thanks in advance,

Prasad Babu.

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the receiver field is mandatory? the error is a application response or a XI error when mapping?

if it is an application error, Although the field is not mandatory in the structure, the application is waiting for this value, so you must verify the logic of the application.

if you do a test mapping does it give you an error?

test removing de field from structure in test mapping and check if an error occurs, if not it not your problems. the receiver is.