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Java development for custom R/3 transaction

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I am evaluating options for developing custom purchase order application. Users here don't like standard SAP purchase order screens, so requirement is to develop the front end from scratch (not all screens in standard transaction but 1 main screen & 5-6 subscreens) while using R/3 business logic as much as possible. We are on EP5/SP5 and have R/3 4.6C & ITS 6.20. So far 3 options have come to my mind.

1. To create custom dialog transaction (ABAP) in R/3 and call it as java iview ( call transaction) in portal (to be displayed as a SAP GUI for HTML via ITS). This is probably easiest but not very clean and not flexible approach and in my opinion does not exploits functionality available in portal.

2. To create custom transaction (ABAP) in R/3 and create IAC templates (internet service) using ITS. This will give more flexibility to get required look & feel and if you like, it is more closer to 'real' web based application. This may require good ITS programming skills.

3. To develop all the required screens using java (PDK + Eclipse) and call BAPIs in R/3 to create/change/display purchase orders. For this option, there is no need to use ITS. Some ABAP programming will be required in the backend but it will be relatively minor compared to option 1 & 2. My concern is amount of java programming needs to be done.

Out of your own experiences, could you pls. tell me what do you think of this requirement and available options? What are the potential pitfalls/positives in these options? Any thoughts are welcome.

If you think of any other options, they are more than welcome. I have been told that BSP would be good option but as we are on R/3 4.6C I am not sure if that is at all an option.

Thanks a lot,

Hemant Desai.

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BR, Oliver

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Better to go Java Iviews and in turn use SAP's function module or BAPI at the back end.

I feel this is the better option as you have more felxibility in front end...