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J2EE engine logs in logviewer

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Hi Mert,

depending on the version you are on this can be different.

Your directory structure makes me suspicious you don't have that latest version.

Usually you can see in the log configurator of visual admin what kind of logs you have. Going in the tree to System/Server is a good idea. There should be two destinations for the server system_server_log is yours.

Watching up that system_server_log shows you the "pattern" where this is stored (on my installation /log/system/server.log)and with that information you can go to the log viewer and find it there in the tree under this name - which is by the way the filename and directory under the log viewing system.

Directories are something like C:\usr\sap\J2E\JC00\j2ee\cluster\server0\log\...

There are other logs in other directories, but theses may be the logs of tools you are running!

If you find this in the logviewer you just rightclick and show the file. You also can click more then one file and merge them.