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IView to Workset problem

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I have created a extra iview that was added to the workset which already contains existing iviews. The workset will then link to the role. Howver, the existing iviews in the workset that link to the role which was then assigned to the user,were able to show in the navigation but the newly created iview that was just added to did not show after login to NW04 portal. Is there any changes that related to the cache as I have tried to restart one of the server process( 3 server process) running in one physcial( total got 2 physcial servers) machine and the changes reflect immediately. But the other 2 servers process still did not shown the iview. Is there any settings in portal that need to change in order for the changes done in the Iview that should be reflected to what the users' role should have?

I am running 2 with windows 64-bits portal servers with the clustered portal content directory server in the 3rd machine.

Please advise on this.



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I Am sure that your workset must be linked to a role. If so then when a user with the same hierarchy tries to fetch any views, then he sees the items from the navigation cache. For eg, say user 1 having role Role1 has logged into protal. He has made certain changes to the concerning or any other role. Now when User2 enters the portal (having the same hierachy as user USer1) and wants to view something ralted to the changed role then this information is fetched from the navigation cache.

Hence clear the navigation cache , System Administration --> Navigation --> Clear Navigation cache.

I hope you will be able to see your changes.



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Hi PoolReds,

As mentioned by Benjamin, do a Synchronize Cache in your entire navigation cache.

System Administration->Navigation->Cache Management. Click on the "Synchronize Cache" buttom under "These actions refer to the entire navigation cache:".

Hope that helps.


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Check if the workset linked to the role is through delta link or just a direct copy. It has to be delta link copy for the changes in workset to reflect.

Krishna Murthy

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Seems that your "cluster" (as its called) is out of sync.

Regarding the menu not showing the node this might have to do with Navigation cache or even PCD cache.

Try reseting these caches:

OR via the System Admin > Supportdesk


Benjamin Houttuin