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Issue with Mobile BI in iOS

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We are currently discovering BusinessObjects Mobile BI with focus on Design Studio.

Microsoft TMG is used as reverse proxy having Basic Authentication.

All configured succesfully, test url working fine BUT a few issues we run into:

- Android tablet device working good but not displaying Design Studio documents (WebIntelligence and Dashboards do work)

- iPhone also not showing Design Studio documents

- ALL iOS devices crash during runtime

iOS Mobi app used is 6.1.11

iOS used is 8.1.1

Bi Platform 4.1 SP5

any ideas on our issues?

are there more companys around using TMG?

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Hello Gerben,

See if this helps.

Q1. Also as others have mentioned is it happening only behind TMG or Reverse proxy?, how is the situation if you try to connect the BO Server directly? Is the Design Studio getting listed.

Q2. Also what are the device specs, i mean which iPhone's or iPad's are being used.

Would recommend to upgrade to IOS 9 as IOS9 has a better Webkit support.

Q3. Also if you could test the latest version of the App in app store and let me know the results on the crash.



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Hi Gerben,

1. Regarding iOS crash

We have observed that certain functionality/workflow crashed the application when using the Mobile BI 6.1.11 and iOS 8.1.

For the same workflow the application was not crashing when using iOS 7.1.

We have raised an OSS with SAP and it is in progress. I suggest you test with different versions of OS and see if the app still crashes.

2. Regarding Design Studio Documents

a) Can you open the Design Studio Application directly from your PC browser ?

b)  Suggest you check the access rights for Design Studio as well.

3. Reverse Proxy

Are you facing the same issues without the reverse proxy ?



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Hi Gerben,

I'm in tha same situation, behind reverse proxy server in mobile App I can't see Design Studio Report (but WEBI and Dashboard can).

If I logon direct to BO Server (withoud reverse proxy) I can see Design Studio Report.

Thansk for your help.


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Hi guys , did you find a solution for that ?

I can't see DS Reports in Mobile too