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Issue with fixed length file from open hub

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I'm currently working on creating Open Hubs to generate fixed length flat files on SAP BW 7.40 SP13. One of the OHs obtains data from aDSOs and I'm facing an issue as its last column (length 40) is mapped to a characteristic that, in most of the cases, is empty. When it's empty, the file gets truncated, it doesn't keeps the 40 empty spaces even when the OH is defined as fixed length.

I've been doing some tests and it happens only when the empty column is the last one. If the empty column has another column on the right, it works correctly. In the following example I added a new column with '.' as constant value:

It doesn't works, if instead of mapping the empty characteristic, I use 40 spaces as constant value, and it doesn't works either if I use a space instead of a '.' in the new column.

Does anyone know why is this happening? Is it a normal behaviour of OHs? The open hub is fixed length so, for me, this is an error but I haven't found anything about this exactly situation in forums or blogs.


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