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Issue with displaying Personalized Banner with SAP Composable Storefront

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Hi Experts,

I am trying to display a personalized banner for a specific user defined in a segment. However, I am not getting it displayed on the SAP Composable storefront.

Here are the details which I have configured:

1. localextensions.xml


    <extension name='personalizationcms' />
    <extension name='personalizationcmsbackoffice' />
    <extension name='personalizationcmsweb' />
    <extension name='personalizationfacades' />
    <extension name='personalizationintegration' />
    <extension name='personalizationintegrationbackoffice' />
    <extension name='personalizationsampledataaddon' />
    <extension name='personalizationservices' />
    <extension name='personalizationservicesbackoffice' />
    <extension name='personalizationsmartedit' />
    <extension name='personalizationwebservices' />
    <extension name='previewpersonalizationweb' />
    <extension name='personalizationaddon' />
    <extension name='personalizationyprofile' />
    <extension name='personalizationyprofilesampledataaddon' />
    <extension name='personalizationpromotions' />
    <extension name='personalizationpromotionsbackoffice' />
    <extension name='personalizationpromotionssampledataaddon' />
    <extension name='personalizationpromotionssmartedit' />
    <extension name='personalizationpromotionsweb' />
    <extension name='personalizationsearch' />
    <extension name='personalizationsearchbackoffice' />
    <extension name='personalizationsearchsamplesaddon' />
    <extension name='personalizationsearchsmartedit' />
    <extension name='personalizationsearchweb' />




corsfilter.commercewebservices.allowedHeaders=origin content-type accept authorization cache-control if-none-match x-anonymous-consents x-profile-tag-debug x-consent-reference occ-personalization-id occ-personalization-time sap-commerce-cloud-user-id
corsfilter.commercewebservices.exposedHeaders=x-anonymous-consents occ-personalization-id occ-personalization-time


3. Personalization Configuration is set up for the Spartacus Electronics Site with the following details:

  • Calculation Process name - defaultPersonalizationCalculationProcess
  • Minimum affinity - 0.5
  • User login action - ASYNC_PROCESS, RECALCULATE
  • New session actions - RECALCULATE
  • Personalization for Commerce Web Services(occPersonalizationEnabled) - True
  • Personalization calculation validity time - 600000

4. Configuration of Url Voters

  • User type - REGISTERED
  • URL regexp - .*
  • Actions - LOAD

5. A Simple Responsive Banner Component has been set up as a personalized banner. This is same as the OOB Electronics Accelerator Site:


6. On SAP Composable Storefront, I have enabled personalization by adding PersonalizationConfig to personalization-feature.module.ts


    personalization: {
      enable: true,


When I login to the storefront with the correct user, I can see the Occ-Personalization-Id and Occ-Personalization-Time in the request headers and Occ-Personalization-Id in the response headers. However the banner does not change.

Is there anything we are missing? Any and every suggestion is welcome.




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