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Issue with Direct Updating ...

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Hi All,

Hopefully this question is concise for anyone who'd gracefully give me a hand. I'm a bit new to BW to so please bear with me.

My scenario is:

1) I've created a datasource that mimic an infotype in R/3

2) I've replicated the datasource into BW

3) I've assigned the datasource to an infosource which is basically a characteristic infoobject

4) I then made that InfoSource an Infoprovider

5) I've scheduled data to be loaded into the infosource where there is data in the psa. I loaded it as ignore duplicates just to get the load done.

6) I then updated the Data Target immediately after the data is loaded.

After following these steps and running listcube to view my data, I'm not seeing anything although the monitor shows that I've successfully loaded 2000+ records.

If anyone has run into this issue before, I would definitely appreciate a reply.

Thanks in advance,


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Answers (3)

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I've figured out. It was a slight overlook on my part. Thanks for the swift responses however!

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You said you loaded an InfoObject? If that is true, then you should perform "attribute change run." However, typically, this step is not necessary for the very first load.

1) RSA1

2) Ctrl+F9

3) "InfoObject List" button

4) Is your InfoObject listed there? If yes, click the save button.

5) "Execute" button

6) "Refresh" button once in a while until "Execute" button is enabled

Now the data should appear in the master data.

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Well depending on what you are loading your data into DSO or InfoCube. Try right clicking on it and hit manage and see whether the requests are all green. You can further ensure its proper by clicking on the small monitor icon which wud take you to the monitor window.Here click on the third tab and see if all the processes under are green.

Now again coming back to the manage screen. select the request and the ods/infocube on the layout above and hit on content and select all and try to see if you got any records.

Good Luck,