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iSeries AS/400 connections for components of BO BI 4.x

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We currently have a BO XI 3.1 environment that connects (I think it is using "IBM iSeries Access (ODBC) 5.4") and gets data for reports from an AS/400 iSeries V5R4 machine.

That machine will be upgraded to V7R1 and I have found that BO XI 3.1 will not be able to get to the data on the new server.

We are also looking to upgrade XI 3.1 to BO BI 4.X.  Will either Crystal Reports Enterprise or CR 2011 (aka CR 2013) be able to connect to a V7R1 AS/400 iSeries machine?

Also, will other BI BO 4.X components be able to connect to V7R1 such as Web Intelligence?  Analyzer for Microsoft?  Excelcius?  Universe Designer?

Thanks, & Regards.

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this is a very uncommon Scenario but i can tell you the following:

For iSeries 7.1 we support two types of middleware:

DB2 Connect v.9.5

Iseries Access ODBC

You can build a Single Source Universe and a Multi Source Universe with both Drivers if you are running on Windows

When running on LINUX/UNIX you can only do both when using the DB2 Connect v.9.5 Driver

So it depends on your middleware and your OS.

With the Universe you can use all Front- Ends that support Universes such as CRE, WebI, Explorer, Dashboards.

You can use Analysis for Office because its an OLAP Tool and AS/400 on iSeries isnt an OLAP Datasource.

Check out the BI4 SP05 PAM from: