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Is there a way to use the 'system name" (example '@BIName') in WEBI Rich Client BI 4.3 SP3

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We have a clustered environment with 2 active CMS'es. Say Server1 and Server2. Through CCM, the 'System Name' on these 2 nodes are set to (example) : @BIName

In CMC and LanchPad , we can login (through .../BOE/BI/logonNoSso.jsp or ../BOE/CMC/logonNoSso.jsp) by using the 'system name" in the System-field. So in this example : @BIName.

But during login in WEBI Rich Client, I found no way for our users to use @BIName as the system-name. They always have to use Server1.<OurDomainName>:6400 (J2EE Portal) or Server2.<OurDomainName>:6400 (J2EE Portal)

This is annoying and it would be more user-friendly if the system-name can be used. But I do not find any KBA which leads me to where tjis can be configured (if it is possible anyway)

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The local record of CMS cluster members is in two locations. For Java-based applications, including WRC and IDT, it's stored a file named "" in %userprofile%\.businessobjects. For other applications it's stored in the registry, in Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\SAP BusinessObjects\Enterprise\CMSClusterMembers.

The local record is updated when you connect to a cluster the first time. So, upon connecting to 'server1", the file on your computer will be updated with the cluster name "@BIName", and the list of the two nodes. The next time you log in, you can use @BIName (or server1 or server2).

It's possible to update manually (i.e., after software installation), which will avoid your users having to use "server1" on their first login.

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Thanks for your answer but :

  • I see the file is only present on a machine where the (complete) Client-Tools are installed (like IDT, UDT, WEBI-RC, ....). But not on a PC where one installed WEBI-RC by downloading it through Launch Pad (like my PC for the moment)
  • As a test, I copied that file from such a machine to my local-PC but it is still not working
  • I also checked that registry-entry. It is indeed also present on a machine where the client-tools (IDT, UDT, WEBI-C) are installed. Not on my local-PC.
  • As another test I have also set that registry-entry on my PC. But after a reboot it still does not work

Any idea further ?