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Is it necesssary to install KMC Sp9 Patch 2 for Trex working(the crawler)

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The problem is in TREX.

We are not able to search as the crawler is not able to vreate any tasks.

The error is :

XCrawlerService Failed to create crawler task index2_FileNet - com.sapportals.wcm.service.xcrawler.XCrawlerException: The SQL statement "SELECT "XCRW_TASK_INDEX" FROM "KMC_XCRW_TASKS" WHERE "XCRW_TASK_ID" = ?" contains the semantics error[s]: type check error "

SAP service and SDN both recommended Patch 2 or 3 to solve this problem.

Now what is Patch 2/3 for ?

KMC,Portal or WAS.

Can we directly apply the patch 2 for KMC or is there any need to apply the patch for EP and or WAS while applying the patch for KMC.

Kindly guide!

It's urgent !

Thanks in advance!



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Hello Manish,

Typically, you should try to implement the latest patch to every component, including KM.

You find more details about the requirements of the patches in the corresponding patch note.

For the KMC patch, you typically dont need to patch also the other components. However, details in the note for the patch.

Moreover, the actual KMC patches contain the previous patches, if existing, of the major release. This means you dont need to apply patch 2, then patch 3, etc. but only patch 3. Again, the patch note describes in much more detail what is included in the patch.

Kind regards,


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Hi Rolland,

Thanks for your help!

But there is another question I want to ask..

I am not able to get the patch for KMC SP9, its not available on the SAP service plac or Download center.

If possible please mention the position from where I can download the same.

If I have to migrate to SP 16 than do I have to upgrade the whole Landscape viz: WAS , Portal, KMC, TREX.